What else can you tell me about her?

When she was young, Auntie Gracie was an activist on her college campus, worked for women's issues (including the Equal Rights Amendment), for LGBTQ+ issues, and became active in the anti-rape movement. She helped to organize the first statewide Take Back the Night March in Michigan. She volunteered at rape crisis lines and taught sexual assault prevention workshops. Eventually, she took professional positions in these fields at universities. She also worked to educate about racism, and to promote issues of diversity and inclusion. After 20 years working at non-profit universities, she left to assume administrative roles at non-academic non-profits. (boring but true)

Who is auntie gracie?

Auntie Gracie is that unique, eccentric aunt many families have. She loves her dead husband. She loves her cats -- but loves dogs too.  She decided to publish this book under her avatar/nickname to make it clear it is coming from an older woman: an auntie. She loves the concept of grace and is a fan of comedienne Gracie Allen, so it made sense to transform her middle G name into Gracie.

Why is she writing about sex?

Auntie Gracie worked at colleges and universities for 20 years, including Purdue University, Michigan State University, Miami University, and Antioch College. During much of that time, she was working with what were then called "women's issues" including issues of sexual violence and its prevention. She talked with many students about their challenges and joys, about sex and relationships, and learned a lot from them. Lately, she has found the public conversation focused more on what not to do than what to do. Since she likes being solution-oriented, she thought this book might help move the conversation forward.