Topics Covered include:

Desire of the Body, Consent, Desire of the Mind, Intention, Communication, Mutual Satisfaction, Substances, The First Time, Pleasure, Pregnancy, STDs/STIs, Alcohol, Consensual Sex Always, Experimentation, Values, Sexual Identity, Human Bodies, Respect, Peer Pressure, Rejection, Resilience, Gut Instinct, Kindness, and Love.

The Game of Sex is written for young adults who are in their early years of having sexual relationships...or who are thinking about becoming sexually active. The author worked at colleges and universities for twenty years. She spent a great deal of time listening to students, and she learned a lot from them. She knows experience is the best teacher -- not words. But she put a few of them in this book anyway.

Playing games and having sex can share similar dynamics. There are many parallels between gaming and sex. Sex is a relationship with another person, for five minutes or fifty years. It's a cooperative game where you share a common goal. You work with your partner so you both can win.

This is not a book about the mechanics of sex, or how to find a partner. There are plenty of other places to discover that information. This book is a candid discussion focusing more on the dynamics of a relationship -- with a potential partner, with yourself.

Sometimes, it is helpful to think about situations before you find yourself in them. Sometimes, other people can offer perspectives which can be useful to consider.

Because sex is a game. But it's more than a game.

This book offers guidance from a loving auntie who hopes some of the words inside resonate. Maybe they can be helpful, and you can apply them to make your life better, lighter, more fun. Because you deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve great sex. And you deserve a great life.